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Mid-August seems like an excellent time to start thinking about stocking up for the Autumn, and we are here to help with our 4-day offer that tapers off gradually, rather like the last few days of summer! So if you shop today or tomorrow you get 20% discount; if you shop the day after that you get 15% and if you shop the final day you get 10%. No coupon needed, this is applied automatically as you shop, and what is more, you can shop as many times as you like. This is the US newsletter and the US shop will be set to EST*.

Lots of new stock this month: all-new never-before-stocked brown moonstone, plus re-stocks of opal, tanzanite, turquoise and sapphire!

As always, you can find out more information about any of these stories by visiting either www.joopygemsusa.com or our blog.


Rose Cut Bi-Colour Tourmaline Ovals & Pears

These are gorgeous, lovely clean material and pastel pale colours. I am offering these as assorted lots, mostly around 5 carats and a couple around the 3 carat mark, and they are priced with a lower scoop price accordingly.

Brown Moonstone

This is a new product; I've had a lot of interest over the years but never got it in stock until now. I have 6mm, 8mm and 10mm cabochons, and I will have rose cuts in the next few weeks. Lovely, soft milk-chocolate coloured stones, many with a chatoyant sheen; as with all brown stones in my opinion, this is going to look superb with white metal. It's not expensive either, with prices starting at $1.60 for a 6mm cabochon..

Turquoise Cabochons: Restock and New

We've got more of this in stock in 4mm and 5mm cabochons, and for the first time we're offering a 6mm cabochon. Lovely blue colour with a bit of matrix on the underside on some of the stones (which I'm always pleased to see as it makes my ID job easier!) $4.35 for a 4mm stone going up to $13.20 for a 6mm

White Opal Rose Cuts

More stock of yet another product we struggle to keep in stock! We've got 4mm, 5mm and 6mm in lovely, lively material with great play-of-colour. Liable to go fast, so grab it while you can! More 3mm coming next month.

Aquamarine 5mm Cabochons

These are absolutely gorgeous 5mm milky aquamarine cabohcons. Well, I say milky, but they are really almost transparent, with just a hint of transclucency, which helps to highlight their beautiful blue-green colour. Really lovely quality with great lustre.

Blue Sapphire 3mm Rose Cuts

This is gorgeous, deep blue colour and cut with our favourite  kite-shaped facets. A few inclusions but largely masked by the deep  colour. Great lustre and transparent appearance. I can never get these in quantity and they usually go pretty fast.

Also seen this month...

I was pleased to see that my favourite stone, tourmaline, won best of show at this year's AGTA spectrum awards. JCK online also has a selection of other winners, including these fantastic Mark Patterson earrings - I love the way the coloured diamonds complement the rutile quartz. The Jewellery Editor has a couple of articles that caught my eye this month, one on ring jackets and another on reverse-setting gemstones. And finally, Gem Gossip has an article on polarizing peridot.

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